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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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rning g colo. warmer r coitions......d d rong wdsare driving rng... usthe family of kelsie schellinisn't giving up... even tetea feral judge has smsmd d r --wrongf death lawsuit. good mororng cololodododo's 00 a a aaturdadidi bruaua 27th.h. i'm bonnie silkman. firefighters in southern colorere preparing fofofo whwhayayaya buby day tay. . caususoff rmer teatures d d rong windndatat prododa firerereger.e arar partrtrt spt momo o st n nhtht tttt eparededededcadede w w w e taininiririr rerereeded
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fiters say they won't be looking for fires on patrol... bububububul l icarlyly ert firir$&$& re "nororllllduring d flag!g!g!gwarnings, alalof ourvrvre c cws will acty y in n their wildla iforms, onng t t t cacls instead d g in t t t rmaltationtire. they'l$l$l$l readadfothe callllaheaeaofof time." citt andnd ev shooting rgetractice, have causesese vel fis in ththpast wkn fire e ou !to bmo si dada..ayininininyoouou u ut s s#s t avstarting . verererrel whilil limit eng.p fififighrs i i ebloloest are also ready for any trouble this weekend. the pueblo west fire dementill l havewo m ke firefitersn ty..o handle anusre riririodad's rereflfl w-rnqn e fi chihi sasasit hahaha a a syk r fifitete in n pulo west. after bababang ururru f f f e lastthsdsd. and moreot, dry and windy
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lead to another firirir toy. thbasic challenge we have is just ing to t t scene quickly enough to be abababo o o it ntained because the itnsre so dry and with any kif a wind the red flag rning al ans pueblo cocoty will not aly openrnrn tang a livep lookutdedat. storor meteteteogogt jay polk is hehe with the a look your tu- fofocast... jaja now let's s check on thehehe weweher with cker 13's jay pk. y: it willa
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between`n` and d0 0 mph. red flag rnings will gogo effect at 10am, and continue through 7pm -- this s dicates that fire dangill be very high so pase e cautious o odoor ththgogo side e t t p wi comomghght of the mountains is that wilil warmngs upicely, driving hi temperatures into the 60s and 70s! there will be a few w ouds this afternoon, but no rain is s pected. toght: it will not be as cold as thursday night, but i iwill be chilly. lows are expected to drop into the 20s and 30s. it will stay dry with mostlylear skies. winds s e expected to nge from 10 15 mph.h& p neneovernight,
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dead after an explosion in afghanistan. new overnight, ten people a dead after an plion in afghanisis afghan police say the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber... whwhmay ha been targeng a local tral ader who i ia vocal opponent of the taliban. rty mo people were hurt in the blblt. none has claimed responsibility for the atta cee fire brokered by both t t united states a a
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effect in syria. the ef is e largest inrnational effort to o reduce violence in the region ... and help bring relief to the war torn nation. ththsyan vernment and more than on hundred bel l groups have promisedo cooperatth ths of the agreement. the peace holds... pea talks will sun march seventh. united states n revealing mo informatio aboua rm rger technician acsed stealing ery dication. navy officials say 28-year-old cky allen was court mamaialele five years ago for stealing medicine while deployedn afghanistan. allen was a surgical ch at the time... d was deployed with an my unit. the dedeer post reports that allen attoey says thate was suffering from p-t-d... and began using the drugs after his deployment. allen was s fired after he was seen taking a syringfilled with painkillele from an operating room st month. federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit fileby the family of
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the mily's attorney... nn heymn. said they're disappointed by the desion.. and are planning to re-fi it. the suit accusedonthe lucas of foul play... and also blames the pueblo police department for botching the investigation. schelling'g' family says they'rnot ging up on the sech. and investigators say theyemain committed to finding schellin "you're happy that the lawsuit is over, but it doesn't change the end result of this case. we still have a case of a missing person, we're still wowoing on that case, it's still active. we still have a family out there that's looking to us for justice and answers.s. sclling was eit weeks pregnant when she disappeared. her dydydy never been found. one of the deputies who was hurt in thth shooting in baeyarlierthis week is in better cdition this mningng saint anthony hospit released this photo of master patrol deputy kolby martin.. iling and giving a thumbs up tthe
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upgraded from serious to fair itn la ninihe a tdepues wereerer an evicon nic when the homenene.. martin wirth. opened fire. corporal nate carrigan was lled... deputymartin w w wt several l mes in thlegs... . d d llet grazed cacaain ma ncock's ear. the hospital sa martin his family wanted to thank e community for r eir suoror do is pleased to announce an agreement has been reached with dish network. thateans that krdo newscastand programming will remain on the dish cnnel line. krdo nagent is grateful for your patience and unrstanding as the companies have been negotiing. if you'dike more inrmation... click on the "save my local station" logo on the homepage of the i-r-s w sasa even more tax payeye mayay be at risk of identity theft ter a recent hack.... still come... we'll show y w many mor people were
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cyber attack... and who the i-r- says may be responsible. plus... democratic voters are polls this morning in south w bernie hillary clinton r efforts there ll be warm and plenty of wi today around the region. we'll show you that complete forecast in a few minutes.
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to good morning colorado ... you'reaking a live look at . time is 6:-- the i-r-s now says that more than seven- hundred- thound taxpayers' personal inrmation may have been compromiseby hacker this is more than twice the number originalal reported. investigators say the seitive information can be used for identity theft.. or to clai fraudunt tax refunds. thieves cessed a system where taxpayers can t returns and other ling from previous
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believes sophisticated russian hackers are to bla. d ere's anher scam targeting taxpayers... ople a over southern colodo are receiving scam phone lls from people claimingo be with the irs. if you think you've received one of those calls... contact the u-s treasury at the number on yo screen. democratic voters i isouth carolina are headed to the polls today... ciding whether or not to support hillary clinton or senator bernie sandnrs... meanwhile... the republicans are trading insults as they gear up for theh super tuesday primaries... ry moloney explains@in your cision 2026 coferage.. dold trump is gettg a big boost from new rsey governor chris christie. "there is better fight than donald trump." a newly aggressive marco rubio hps his own take on the billionaire. "friends do not let friends vote for n artists." rubio ridiculed trump's misspelling
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twitter. "leight weight chocker marco rubioks like a little b on stage, not presidential materi. he meant to say lightweight bu hepelled it ighto he got mocng during his responon. "irubi" " clton be ers rbal ip. each before the south "she's aery good speaker, i admithat. but to get $225k foa speech to goldman sachs you gotta be really goo" sanders reiterating his ll for clinton to release transcpts ofer private paid speeches. the new york times editorial board -- which dorsed clinton -- backing sanders on the issue. saying voters have evy right to k atrs. told thgr. ha id bind . cled doors i diffffent th@ what youe sang to the american people." clinton said she would lease her speeches - if thehether presidential candidates
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onhat you've done." i'm mary ney reportin and l/oking ahead this morning... several campaign event for senator bern sanders will bheld in lorado springan eb thi week fit up ia t the tellin tom of hoes. tt begins at nine in the 29-hundred block of farbaugh lane. next is a chili cookoff canvass in colorado springs totorr. at begin one in t-afternoon inin 2121undned block of naegele road. andne t niriwill be speaking at rally at colorado state university i rtrtolns... at at ven m.nd is fr the p p anchy stc-bodeve en eused fromhe fextuy.ut tak lf at dededeicabhud udtse dud take t.... h haens to srt athe meimimashe cacaes. the dail eporthathe chemistry dertmentchr r ellingngndnd he the examould
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excu enen i advancncwaa ler ti. one pennlvania community is tting itself baba togoghehe after a vere torn still ahea.. 'll hear from rusidents sasaththe glad to seeeehings moving so qukly. and.. a a a p of saiairs a fe... afte theiship got stf in ve dgero oe worl.. we'll show you where they landed... there e e e nety of warm and pl of f nd oue gi. we'll yhat complete recastn
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today: it will mph. r flag warnings will go into effect at 10am, and continue through m -- this incates that fire dangeb will be very high so please be cautus outdoors. the good side of the nd coming out of the
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tempaturur ithe 60s 70 therepe a a w clclds thth afternoon, bubuno in is expected. nit: it t note expeed to drop i th20s 30t wi sy drwith nge from 10 to 15 mph.xtended: sunday will be cooler behind a weak on thxtrm s pect to ri latatnd. is mons system thatill bring back the ce for showers, with the potential for tuday. this storm will banother pick-mover, exiting the state by wednesday and likely not producing much in the way of aclating snow. after itit gone, highs will again rebound into the 50s and 60s by the end of the traditional work wee ch cove efs in haeeow due eavy fo recovery ams are working to recover the bodies of 23 people w died . inlane csh eaier this
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bodies have been found. nepalese officialslso y that the weather was bad d at time of the cras.. b have not said if thweatr wa ti caof ash.h.
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sear a
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efforts s epal have been ow due to hea fog. revery teteteare g tototo recoth pele o a plalara earfr iswe ar19 bodiavbefo nepalese officials also say that the weathewad at the time of the crash... but have n n sd ifif@ the weathes the ultima cause of the crash. & & d crew astli icicreakererre safe... af their ship ran aground off th ast of antarctcca. australian officicis say e aurora australisbroke e its moorgs... . d t stk on roroy rmat dudu aliard rlr this week. 68seer d wat t
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37 othevted... thmagh31stay to t the e agagn.n( a ll sessme o the vessel is underway. and rerenstruction efforts continuehis mornrnrnin n syania cotyty. r it by a a rnadg ef thee ze me. ra a one ho hsewereevevdamaby t twpas mo..qu ew omaba th ran ls to pe e ts ededo rgy couny. dot rp at,"o . hoe ifomngfa iba s,thschoho demothey gegetogeth d get i to rtf a sm sysy lt at@let pe dd o& stanananong ththstst andnd
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ll.. bu.. the's'snempany mama th aittleasi f begenneran eibank acacunun..we'low y w.w.
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me red wings wi be played tonight at coors field denver .. the avalanch got a chan today toto st out the e at coors fid. ..the avs y they are loing forward to king their ga outside.. i juant have fun i tnk i you f pling i thk you are going to perform yo best i had a blast out there in practice played really loose h fun tried stufi thinwe felt like that. landkog sot we're l just going to try a enjoy it come out and realize and see how unique the situion iso be able to d this. some of the avs and red wings gends are skating the alumni game last night.. 1. in the first..the can..joe sakic wrist shot hits the back of the cage.. 2. the 3rd..ray bourque scores.. the avalane alumni wins 5-2.. the colorado college hockey team we shut out on the road last ght 3-0 against ami of ohio.. the air foe hockey team playing at niara tonight.. 1. the force goit going in the cond perio they scored four times ..ben kura had two of the goals.. the fly guys wi6-1.. 5a playoff action.. lewis palmer hosting steamboat springs... c- u's josh scott in the il t wa brrs n and jojo . )
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c ..hihe er 2.) ne posion ... strasberger ain .. 3.) joott drives baseline and elevates f the dunk ... the rangers win 91-41 ... sierra and wheat ridge. 11st quarter... farmers trying to apply the pressure. sierra breaks it..kion ngo hits the baby "j" 2. then win finds darrian reed on the baselinehe three anhe's fouled... allionfaithful goes nuts. 3. later on stephadeedon still counts even if you bank in a three. sierra advces with a 48-44 win.. rocky mountain and doherty 1. 2nd half action... camrynne mack splash.. 2. moments later..mack from the other side another splash down.. 3. then the spartans worit inde to aubriann noti.. doherty advances to play ralston valley as they win 49-46. cherail andsrt of thmma list gothe yup..spencer li courtney stant r thes soang tmpdi1. st, nicea stro ... ) nk i ith painoate..) t wanthe ea thea win 616 .g john f. kenn 4th..the grizz in movement..kyuce.. then tajud the floatedepth ...and canho sen sa i moving on witcademy and durangotrying toally.. mary three.. 2. later..-up but katelin ga.. air academy's an end as they se 5k today.. manuel mudig "d" last ni overtime toni. thehe scored 20.. but overtime.. ski popular pastime in colorast night.1. thitonight.. the manima.. but the mavee.. skiing andr pastime in colora... but it can be a bit expensive, especially for newcomers... but one company in colorado springs wants to help. ski maxx offers an indooski slope... where beginners can learn the rope.. it also features a conveyor belt which is designed to ovide an endless ride. it's ao a lot softer and warmer than being in real snow. e can ski in orts. it's fun! " "i didn'll down. i only fell down once the st time." machines like this are not a new concept. they've been around since the 80's .... but, with lift ticketsn colodo now costing arnd a hundred dollars a day in some resorts, the
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thousands of peop are cited for a marijuana trade show in pulo... but some vendors are worried about keeping their elves stocked. hearhat they have tsay about upcoming cannibis cup. and if one local district gets their way, students cou enjoy a 4 day work week. we'll tell you why officials are considering the change there wi be plty th a plenty of wind todaarnd the region. we'll sh y that complete forecast in a few minutes. good morning colorado. it's 6-
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i'm ie lkman. firefighters acss southern colorado are gearing upor a potentially busy day. after ghting several fiearliethis weekek. al wchweauseby le... but driviv by dry and windy conditions. the firson stted last saturday, an burnedore than 12-hundred acres on a training range at fort cars. smoke could be seen for miiles.. and pupeople in the turkey creek - area on edge. it'she t fifi at untaost
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isast sdas a big fire day. this picture, nt to us by a er in pueblo, started when a car backfired, igniting some spilled elel this fire in a creek bed in pee was contained to the fi fight was difficult because of large dead trees. and thisrass re, 5 acre fighters to it anyeerda a re in falcon ththreated a dozehome d 34acrebefore rers gisire der coro was dama to ructuresitidag me fcing vera agencies responded ... but firefighr say migati by area homeowrs saved the thing tt lp fireterstrdo withfi was thfaha many pple d mowed eir urnd laan theigrass around the house, so when the fire came through it just basically dropped down from her high it was burning to ground level." "they did a great job. thegot right out here and got to work and contained it very nicely." e cause of the fi was vehicl right out re and got to work and contained it
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ththfire was vehie y nd w a headinintohe phasize caution. you're reminded to avoid using outdoor tools or equipment sureou dispose properly. giving you a ve look outside now ...storracker 13 meolt y lkns us w an date o rren nd ac ser corado... .. not's t eck the her with stormtckerer 's j y:wi be wiy day, wsts betwn 30 and0 mph. red flag warnings wilgo into effect at 1m, and continue through 7pm -- this indicates that fire danger will be very high so please becautious outdoors.
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wind coming out of the mountains that will rmhings up nely, ivg hi teates into the 60s and re will be a few clouds this afternoon, but no rain is expected. tonight: it will not be as cold as thursy night, b iwill be lylows are cted to dr i th20d 30s. i will stay y with star ses. windndarexpect t raom 1to 1
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winds are expected to range from 10 to 15 mph. a lo springs father is demanding answers... after s murdered son's grave was vandalized... there was picture of himimn the grave ston s smashed off. jack smith was shot to death jack smith wsh to deata pay siar o. 16ear-old eric manly pulled thetrged maa deaheca now six s la jsmh ys son's e s ndalized, but he cims it wasn't t first time... this is my only son d here he is underneath thground and ese le ep coming here and doing th. m no gettinany ic smitisferi a one- thound dolla reward to anyoneho provides inrmiothat adto an arrestnd conviction for the vandism. it hapned fair cemetery on south 26th street. vandalishas
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spngs group to remove several pianoshawere placacacutdoors p for public enjoyment... the latestdama hne 12 pi the mmununy cafewn. eaiethis week, a prective tarp s set on fire for the third time this year. we're told police have one spt d are seg rs d soe s n rp verati omth do piano thowneof the "pwa inspecng the rn instrument. "so it's kind of like a plasticy, berglass that got on the nish--which isn't too bad. it could have been a lot worse. it shouldn't be a problem for us. we'ljust scrape it off andefininh a little bit here." an orgazati called "the mural project" oversees the pianos, and says they will remain in storage until memorial day weekend. supporrs say ey'll talk with police about how to prove more security around the pianos.
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a huge marijuana trade show say they'r nfident that it will be held on april 20th ... but therare ill so problem with theirapplatan ko neannel 13 katie spence reports.. some diensary owners s they're also woieabout ththr pply e ssibity \ of thousands pple e mi loor e cannabiscup.s cing for spsa owners :07 t woul probably be one of oururiggest months that we'vhad within ththyear that we've been open." b ieshia jiron atateaf the mesa says the pressure is to ll the shelves. "we haveven ininux of grower around us wh arwillg and able to supp th wt t needt's key re y ornize ve tir on p pblcocotyth e is anothe "is enables ou ent to he a nearby, fuy legal, fully xable, fully moninirere source of
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county's dispensaries susuly the de of ents ? f thmesas just blblksbbfromhe tentl vene the canbibi cup aneyaytht ied "ne jiron sot re" riso therapeutiti in p pblo weststsn't eparing r anything out of the ordidi. "just like e e lodostate fair pele go in ththe and get ucated aboutu0 the afmanship and stuff like this. thiss th same thing abouour ininstry. . t the pry y dispspensarieq for th evt may be ininai.... sisie the permit process isn't complete. still, owners are hope is that the city and t county wililsese e amg benefits t al ofhe evenat the mpmp peititaso o iny ma1s.... willak decision by march 23rd. one school
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corado wanto attttct new achers and keep its cururur es by shortenihe hoolololk. the east otero ol distric inina junta cuently has five days release ay. . e reendesayshere ahe shorta r w,w,it mes an ache leang on w tosure district ian tive@ tion. a parent we spoke to s ss if there is a shshter week, thatat lea to m me trtrble wi kids ving e`eihahahoulve it to wher ischool mondnz t toughgh iday and saturday and sunday where they have e e monday ty go baba theay i at it i )with kids havg off on fday what e they going to do there will be several ki having off on friday what ararthey goingo dotherw)ll b bseveral mmit memeings regardrng the posslehange. the next one will be held monday at 6 p-m at la jujua hischool the rm wehe're pectiny, ght he out the brave people taking part inthe pola plunge. more tn 30 memeers ofofhe el p po coun sheriff's office will jump into prospect lake e
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they're rais money for th spspspl olpipi... de tt "frein' foa re go i#i#i isve ou dolllls. ruds of highchoolers inolorado springs said goodbye to their hair yesterday morning. rampt hi ol hd its nual b bd for ckqnt. re tn rendf ades sithehe shav or cut theihair. .& thth rsed d ney for e ukemia and lympma society.y. 15:06: 12 it allows us tototo unite in a aingle e. and acacally unite in a singleause. because no matter w w y y e,ancer`will afct your life, and the sooner we canind a cureree soer we cantop losisi loved onon. the high school holds secolacecen the cotrfor e mo money raised the leleemia and lqmphoma societ & waiting line is theheast ththg torists like to
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a deal se calilirnia drivs couldnssss wel l y y at cd th trafc m fo thousasadents, , hearndemer landing ught tap wt auoritits say ppened just before the plala touched down welcome ba
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co . you're tak citinsn cacafornia took adntage of a op in gas s ices friday ahead of a weekend ice e surge. stomers y gas stio rosshe statawere a sne of chaoaoacacac the state. many were selling regur unleadadasju a dla95 llon. le sayepaverage price for a gallon in los angeles county is usually two- 44. is i i outrageoushen we have, in one e day, a 37-7-nt didierence in wh gas staon ownerc are being charged fofuel one day over the next. that's just crazyz there's no good reason for it consum goear . umer watchdog says california motorists pay 68 nts more per llon for gas than the national ave. calirnia has hit s xes country. if y're lo save moy omom p ofcehen here se
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amp n go dow e u-postal servrve was granted permission to temporaril ease stamp ices i2014. the prprprke was contgent upon a planned price drop this yeye. at surcrgis slated to end apl 1010. the cost of mailing a onfn nce letter d47 cen. paengegs re able leaveieiplane safely after the nose gr failil to deploduring a landing. a video captpted t t dramaticic emergency landing. it happened yesterdadaat guau intetional airport. asia cific rways pilo t jet only usi the rear wheels of thplane. only three people were on e flight, and no o was hur therwill be nety o rm and en of wi y nd e regionwe'll sh yououhat lete
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w minutes.
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mph. red flag warnings will go into efft at0am, d inhrou'u'u 7p-- ts thire dang will be ve high so please be cautious outdoors. the good s se of the nd coming out ofofhe mountains is that will warm things up nicely, driving high tempmpatures intntthe 60s and 70s! there wi be a feou isont is exexcted. tonight: it will not be asold as thursday gh but it will b chillo a peed tdropnt th20s 30 it wi statadry with mostlylyar
6:51 am
rafrom 15 mph. extended: sunday will be c cler behi a weak fronon the next s srm system iexpepeed to ar le moay. it isy's em wbrin the chance f showe, with the pential for rain/snono last into esdada this storm will be another quick-moveve exiting the stste by wednesday and like not oducg ch ithofculang s afteit's gone, highs will again rebouou int the 50s and 60s by the end of t tritional work w
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's ama lile who i ng to find forever famimi to call hisiown. katie mcdevitttt introduces us tiny, ououpet of the week. good morning, i'm katie devitt from
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pe region, antoday i'd liketo introduce y totoy frie ny. this 5- year-old b bck chihuahumix x may come in a all pae, but aig heartand bigig ears. this is titi's second round at hspsr. his owr is min and t ke h whe ca to us lt fall, ad ar as nam ard treatmen imimdiately and tinydoin gr he l l g wa fact, they thininhehehees more than that are trea! tiny's adoption fee is just150, which incles
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, ees a 4mp redg rnin w)ogo totoffec 10a d inueou 7p thiindicates that fire dang w wl be very high please be cautioususutdoors. the good side of t wind cinout of the mounta that it wl warm t tngs up nicely,
6:58 am
temferatureseso the will be a few w ouds this aerononbut in iexpect. night, but it will be expected to dropnto will stay dry with range from 1to 15 ready y saw "a. otof lice depy
6:59 am
poli depepy and his k-k-k-s ptured thehe internet's hrt this week it's pretty obous that police k-9 mansononoves his partner depupu chase garrett. selfie garrett uploaded to social meded captured how the two ve rk thtroror more tn n ree e e s. after work manaon even goes home with pdedety g g g after theishift. nevin thereonse h h photo geutlis s se h itululer t souch cognion.
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go morniniameric playing thed t card. the psidentiaiaandidates mbshell endorsement, a former fofo signing on. >> there is n bter fightertrum>>owdole-teaming marco rubio.o.>>e was putut on makeup with trowel. >> rubiog s owsw >> hwas having amedownwn t lattstnd tur diction fodcrat p prima i rona a a wee heanto a crucial super tuesday. zik alertr the cdc's startling rerert.. tht american pregnant women who ) visited countries with zika


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